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Rua Val de Donas, 11
4810-292 Guimar„es

Guimar„es is in administrative terms, a district made up of 68 townships, occupying an area of 242.32 km2 and including about 160,000† habitants.
Located in northwestern Portugal, approximately 350km north of the capital, Lisbon, and about 50km from the second largest city, Oporto.
Motorways and railways are the most direct means of reaching Guimar„es.
Schedules | GET BUS (transfer low-cost Airport SŠ Carneiro - Guimar„es).
Departures Guimar„es (Guimar„esShopping ) - 4:00 AM; 6:00 AM; 8:00 ; 11:30 AM ; 2:00 PM ; 4:30 PM; 7:00 PM ; 9:45 PM ; 11:30 PM
Departures Airport do Porto - 5:00 AM ; 7:00 AM ; 9:30 AM ; 12:30 PM ; 3:30 PM ; 5:30 PM ; 8:00 PM; 10:30 PM ; 00:30 PM
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By highway:
Guimar„es <-> Braga in 15 minutes (A11)
Guimar„es <-> Esposende (Beach) in 30 minutes (A11)
Guimar„es <-> OPorto (airport†) †30 minutes (A7 e A3)
Guimar„es <-> OPorto 30 minutes (A7 e A3)
Guimar„es <-> Vigo (Spain) in 90 minutes (A7 e A3)
Guimar„es <-> Lisbon in 180 minutos (A3, A7 e A1).

Transportes Urbanos

Guimar„es is part of the modern network of trains that link all cities in Portugal. All-stop service between Guimar„es and Oporto takes approximately 60 minutes. To see if non-stop service exists between a certain location and Guimar„es, check the website of the national railway company (Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses) at†

To Parking
The Vila Flor Cultural Centre - Avenida D. Afonso Henriques, 7014810-431 Guimar„es
S. Francisco Center - Largo Republica do Brasil, 4810 Guimar„es
The Guimar„es Court - Largo Condessa da Mumadona, Guimar„es
St Antonio center (Near to Hostel1)Rua de Santo Antůnio (half street), Guimar„es
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