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Reservation policy


1. In order To guarantee advance booking of the room or bed, the customer must pay the amount of 50%, until the deadline defined on the email sent by TM Guesthouse to the guest confirming the reservation request.


2. The reservation will only by confirmed after presentation document of the payment.


3. In case of cancellation, the refund of the amount paid has warranty will take place only if it occurs within 48 hours prior to the date of the check-in.


4. The costs associated to the devolution of the amount paid as deposit for the reservation, for instance bank fees, will be charged to the client.


5. Reservations may be made by telephone contact to the TM Guesthouse, internet services.


6. The payment shall be made in cash or by ATM; there aren't other methods of payment available.


7. The payment of all nights is made upon the check-in.


8. If you leave after the stipulated time for check-out, must pay the amount corresponding to one more night stay.


9. If the customer on the day of check-out or previsiously, decides to stay for more nights on the TM Guesthouse:

a) Must pay for the new period of nights that intend to stay.

b) your staying will only be assured if there is availability for the new period desired.

c) In any case the customer has the right of preference in the request for extension of stay on the TM Guesthouse, over other customers.


10. If the room typology allow an additional bed, the customer must request in advance. The price to pay corresponds to a 50% of the amount of the price of the apartment, and it only will have a cost if it is an adult or child older than 12 years.


11. Children aged under 12 years do not pay for their stay but the free stay only remains for situations of two persons with one child; from two children or more, each additional bed will be charged as defined on item 10.


12. Anyway, the request for extra bed must be requested and must have availability.

13. The amount paid as a guarantee of the booking concerning special offer rates or group rates will not be refunded in case of cancellation or other changes.


14. In case of the costumer does not show up on the TM Guesthouse, the amount paid as reservation guarantee will not be refunded or discounted in subsequent stay dates different from the first check-in date.



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